A barrier to prevent lambs from jumping in the trough

With this simple and inexpensive device to put in place, lambs no longer have access to the feeder. On farms, lambs often cross the feeding fence, sometimes as early as at 15 days of age. As a consequence, fodder gets dirty, lambs run in front of tractors distributing food and do not always go back their initial pen, which can create below-average performances or may lead to mortality.

Melanie’s rack system for sheep hurdles

This metallic rack system for sheep hurdles allows to attach a sheep hurdle anywhere on a crosspiece and thus to fit whatever lot size. This provide the possibility to make small size groups to ajust optimally the ration to the animals’ needs. So, for instance, pregnant ewes with single lambs, twins or triplets can be easily separated. The mechanism is simple and light. Two attach systems and a linking stake allows to make a separation. At Melanie’s, the sheep hurdles are hung from the walls of the sheep shed and the rack systems are stored nearby.

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