SheepNet Delegation Visit to Australia

SheepNet Oceania Tour 2018

SheepNet Delegation Visit to South Australia - 21st to 25th January 2018

The purpose of the South Australia trip was to exchange knowledge and experiences between EU states and Australia on how to improve sheep productivity – from discovery science and technology development to using international collaboration to close knowledge gaps and develop new strategies for implementing research into adoption and practice change on-farm.

This is a summary of the visits and discussions held with Australian colleagues.

Day 1 - 22nd January - Visit to Roseworthy Campus  Turretfield Research Centre

Day 2 - 23rd January - Visits to Wootoona Flaxman Valley and Ashmore Fischer's farm

Day 3 - 24th January - Visit to Thornby - Paul McGormont's  feedlots

Day 4 - 25th January - Sydney workshop - MLA Office

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