Introduction of practical tool for nutritive requirements of ewe and grassland management

SheepNet Solution Turkey

Country: Turkey

Dairy or/and meat sheep: Meat

Source of information: TOGEN and Rural Affairs Branch of Min. of Agr.

Level of solution:






Just Being Tested


Aim: To increase the productivity of the flock related to balanced feed issues and fodder-concentrate ratio


  • a software tool (free) will be installed to intensive farms and a pdf document for the extensive farmers who has no computer. A demonstrative test will be made together according to the raw material they have for a balanced nutrition composition for mating period. Also, a PDF key note explaining basic nutritive requirements for ewe will be introduced with a particular emphasis on pre mating and mating period.
  • Portable fencing will be introduced how to move the flock according to the pasture availability in order to avoid overgrazing-thus a better result for grass and nutrition quality at mating period.

Expected benefits: Increased feed- fodder ratio efficiency, improved productivity of flock and pasture utilization

Prerequisites and/or limits (knowledge, training, capabilities, cost, management, facilities, equipment, etc.)

  • Technology is always a “second thought” for extensive farms
  • Old farmers are difficult to convince for IT tools
  • Training will take time but worth for it


Blache, D., Adam, C. L., & Martin, G. B. (2002). The mature male sheep: a model to study the effects of nutrition on the reproductive axis. Reproduction, 59(Supplement), 219–233. Retrieved from

Porcu, C., Manca, C., Cabiddu, A., Dattena, M., Gallus, M., Pasciu, V., … Molle, G. (2017). Glucogenic treatment creates an optimal metabolic milieu for the conception period in ewes. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 59, 105–115.

Porcu, C., Manca, C., Cabiddu, A., Dattena, M., Gallus, M., Pasciu, V., … Molle, G. (2018). Effects of short-term administration of a glucogenic mixture at mating on feed intake, metabolism, milk yield and reproductive performance of lactating dairy ewes. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 243, 10–21.

Expected impacts

Country Turkey          
Partner TOGEN          
Topic REPRODUCTION          
Solution No/Name 14-Introduction of practical tool for nutritive requirements of ewe and grassland management          
Service provider/technicians+vet or farmers          
Benefit expected Increase productivity
-less abortion
less workload
better labor organisation

better feed management
less stress for the farmer
Is the solution suitable for various production systems Y   dairy &meat
If no - for which system              
What are the asset costs 100-500 <100 100-500 500-1000 1000-10000 >10000
What are the maintenance costs <50 <50 50-100 100-500 500-1000 >1000
Any limits to its applicability    
Work Load
  Farmers Service provider/tech.-vet-others          
How much time is required to prepare and implement the solution >=1week   <1 day 1 day - 1 week >=1week    
How many people is needed to implement the solution? 1 person            
How long it takes to get results? >=1week Immediate <1 day 1 day - 1 week >=1week  
How long it takes to see  an effect on sheep productivity? current production period current production period next production period >next production period    
  Farmers Service provider/technicians-vet-others          
What kind of equipment/tool are necessary? computer+software            
Skill/Knowledge-Training (farmer)
Does the solution need any specific skill/knowledge or training? yes          
How much time will be required for training 2-3 days          
Wider Environment
Is there any particular regulation link to the solution? no          
Does the solution need any particular structure or organisation? no          



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