Lamb's flank tattooing

Breeders involved in the selection scheme at the end of the lambing season  may be visited by the official personnel of the Associations of Sheep Breeders to perform the early identification (before ruminal bolus deposition) of lambs by tattooing the lamb’s flank with the identification number of the mother. This allows to avoid mismatching of mother-lamb couples and assess the correct pedigree using artificial insemination or single sire mating information.

Tattooing is performed using a plier with dies in the form of numbers bearing in mind that only skin must be felt inside the head of the plier i.e. do not tattoo into muscle.


1) handle and restrain the animal gently;

2) clean the tattoo area with a cloth soaked in alcohol;

3) clean the tattooing equipment thoroughly after each use.

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