Skinning lambs for fostering

Tip and trick Romania

Mr. Barbu uses the skin of the lambs who die on the orphan lambs, those born from large litters or coming from ewes with no milk production. As soon as one lamb is lost, he is skinned, and the skin is used as a ‘vest’ on the lamb that needs to be fostered. In this way, the ewe will accept the new lamb, based on its familiar smell, considering him as her own. The degree of the acceptance of the new lambs is much improved, with the skin having to stay on the orphan lamb for at least 24 hours, time in which the smell of the dead lamb is imprinted on the orphan lamb, and the ewe is used with the vocalizations of the new lamb. The skin has to cover as much of the orphan lamb as possible, especially the back and tail area, given that ewe smell the tail area of the lambs before accepting them to suckling.

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