Two rack systems

Tips & Tricks from France

These two rack systems to attach gates or barriers in the sheep shed are simple and allow modifying rapidly and easily pens size, regardless of the type of animals. The number of animals with access to the troughs can therefore be perfectly adapted.  

It is particularly useful towards the end of gestation, when you need to separate ewes with singles, twins and triplets, and give them the appropriate level of feed. Likewise, at the beginning of lactation, little groups of ewes with twins or triplets can be established for several days, to reduce mismothering. The pens/groups size can then be increased rapidly.

This system can also be used for finishing lambs, creep feeding or even to modify the level of nutrition for replacement hoggs and ewe lambs.

The system can be put in place rapidly, without twine or wire. It can be installed anywhere inside the sheep shed, in few seconds. It is light and does not affect other shed activities (e.g. cleaning/scraping for example). There is no risk for the animals as all angles are softened. The 2 systems established by Michel Pierrefixe at the CIIRPO (France) are presented in the video. One is for attaching to the trough, the other to the pens.

This tip & trick was presented at the « Berger Futé » (« Cunning Shepherd ») competition of TechOvin 2017


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