Two models of rack systems

French tips and tricks

These models of rack systems are simple and they allow to very quickly and easily change the size of the pens, according to the number of animals whatever the type of animal. The number of seats at the trough is thus perfectly adapted precisely to the number of ewes.

At the end of gestation, the pregnant ewes of single, double and triplets are separated and thus feeding is adapted to the needs of the animals. In early lactation, small groups of suckling sheep 2 or 3 lambs are formed for a few days so that the lambs do not get lost. Their size is then quickly increased.

This system can also be set up for lambs finishing, during food transition for example or to modulate the level of rationing of ewe lambs.

The system is quick to put in place, without string or wire. It can be installed anywhere in the fold in a few seconds. It is light and does not interfere with interventions in the sheepfold (cleaning ...). There is no danger for animals because everything is rounded. The two models developed by Michel Pierrefixe at CIIRPO are presented in the video attached. One adapts to the troughs, the other to the feeders.

This tip was presented at the french contest of TechOvin's Smart Shepherd 2017

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