Drone for problem solving

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The concept with the drone was that there was a weed problem on the farm and when they inspected the paddocks they couldn't see an apparent issue immediately on the surrounding properties. They hired a drone to ascertain the prevailing winds and program it to fly upwind of the property to see if the problem is carried over from adjoining locations. And they paid 50€ and sure enough, 2 km Northeast of the property upwind was a major infestation of the 'burr' weed which was the source. So they realized unless the neighbor solved that problem which was 2 hectares (cost ~500€) they would have a constant problem with at least 15 properties of at least 300 hectares downwind (20,000€ / year). Simple concept to solve a major problem. He rented a drone for 3 hours from an IT office and recorded the surrounding area for his consultant in order to detect the problem. Finally, they found out that the problem was coming from 2 km distance with of the wind miles.  

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