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Book "Le Montagne des Pyrénées" JUST PUBLISHED about the Working Great Pyrenees dogs « Le Montagne des Pyrénées, chien de protection de troupeaux » of Mathieu Mauriès (du Hogan des Vents Kennel in France). This 360-page book, the first dedicated specifically to the working Great Pyrenees, includes more than 400 photos. It is intended for the shepherds, breeders and owners of Great Pyrenees. It brings together my experiences and my research on Livestock Guardian Dogs and lots of testimonials from users everywhere in the world. It presents a way of life and instruction for Livestock Guardian Dogs, the fruit of my everyday work with my dogs for more than fifteen years. It is also a tribute to these incredible dogs which protect herds and shepherds since the dawn of time. It is essential to safeguard this unique genetic heritage and preserve the qualities of the working Great Pyrenees. More information here:

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