Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Romania


Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară a Banatului „Regele Mihai I al României” din

Timişoara / Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael I of Romania” from Timisoara (USAMVBT) is a state institution for higher education (university) located in South Western Romania, in Banat region (website: It has six faculties: Agriculture, Horticulture, Agricultural Management, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science and Biotechnologies, and Food Processing Technology. The university’s research strategy and top priority research fields are harmonized with Horizon 2020 programmes. Priority research areas relevant to SheepNet project include food safety and security, animal welfare, animal disease prevention and control. According to the last public report, the university implemented 337 grants with national funding, of which 108 with the industry, 36 grants with international funding. USAMVBT owns three experimental animal farms (cattle, sheep – 350 breeding ewes, poultry, horses and fish). The total land owned by USAMVBT is 24,869,514 sq., and the campus is located in the North part of the city of Timișoara on 173.729 sqm. USAMVBT is offering 22 bachelors, 26 master programs, as well as PhD programs in 5 scientific areas. Currently, there are about 6000 students enrolled in undergraduate studies (BSc and MSc) and 260 students in PhD and postdoc. Teaching and research staff of our university is made up of 335 full-time employees.

Newly opened Research Institute Horia Cernescu was established through an EU funded project with a budget of 43,951,701 RON (about 10,000,000 EUR). This institute offers state of the art facilities for implementing studies in all animal and veterinary areas, including animal behavior and welfare (animal experimental facilities, 31 research laboratories).

Dr. Dinu Gavojdian